Principal Desk


The school motto ‘service before self is a constaant reminder that the walfare and safety of others always come  first before our own gain, comfort and safety.

Aakash Public School, with the motto ”service before self” have been serving the society in the fild of education for the last 28 years. there are presently as many as 5 schools under its aegis. The growing number of schools under organizational umbrella signifies how imperative it is to provide meaningful education, to a large number of children, desirous of  growing into educated human  beings and to become the useful citizen of society.

as it has been said, ” it is good to have an end to a journey, but it is the jouney that matters, in the end.” the end.”the involvement of the socitey in universal educational enchancement and its endeavor to bulid a democratic , pluralisic and secular nation has made all the difference. it is no more a question of lighting a candl;e here or there; it is an attempt at total electrification. the whole wst delhi has begun to glow with the  light of literacy radiated by the Aakash Public School.